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Colock Software Copy Protection


Strong and easy to use software copy protection solution

  • Simply make your software machine-dependent and control the number of installations.

  • Your users can activate the protected software manually (email, call or answering machine) or just by clicking a button and get the Activation Code via Internet automatically.

  • Colock supports Visual Studio 2008 languages, Delphi (4..2010), VC, VB, Access, Excel, Multimedia Builder and all programming languages supporting Windows DLL's.

  • Multi-lingual support lets you have Activation Window in your desired language including and not limited to English, Spanish, French, ... .

(Current version: 4.51)

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Colock International Awards (click on each picture for more information)
Award from OneKit.com
Colock received 5 stars award on www.download25.com
Awarded 5 stars by DownloadRage Best Software & Entertainment Library
DownloadTube Award    Accelerated Ideas Award For Colock 5 Stars Award from GTDownload.com
Downloads-portal.com Award
Colock Copy Protection awards 4 stars on FreeSafeSoft.com Softweb Award Colock fileaward.com award
idownload.ws award vista-files.org award


Download Colock Trial Edition v4.51 now

Download Colock examples for Delphi 2007 and 2009
How to use Colock in less than 5 minutes #1 (video tutorial using Borland Delphi)
How to use Colock in less than 5 minutes #2 (video tutorial using Multi Media Builder)

Download some helpful information about software copy protection techniques (in PDF format)

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What's New


Colock Version 4.51


Colock engine updated for more compatibility with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).

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What is Colock?


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What is Colock?


In short, Colock is a software based lock for making your software copy protected. By adding just one line of code to source code of your program, you will be able to use powerful copy protection system of Colock.

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How does it work?


Colock Software Copy Protection - How It Works

In the first run of protected program, an Activation Window will be displayed automatically. User should transfer information located on that window (User ID and Computer ID) to you. Those information are just two short unique strings by length of 10 characters or less. This can be done by email, phone call or online registration system (WebLock). Based on that information, an Activation Code or license key is generated for User manually or automatically. This Activation Code is unique and dedicated to current computer. This is needed just for one time and after registration, the Activation Window will not appear until the hardware change in user's computer.

Colock - Software Copy Protection uses one or more functions from a Windows DLL file. This file is a part of the Colock software package. So any programming language or environment that can utilize functions of Windows DLL file is capable of using Colock.
The first step to use Colock is to save some information to a "Parameters File" which includes the product name, the support phone number, web site, email address and .... which will be displayed on the "Activation Form" to the user.
The next step is to place Colock DLL file in the program directory or any other directory that the program has an access to it, for example, the system directory in windows. Then through the existing functions of the DLL, the protection is applied to program source code. After the program has been compiled, it is now protected by Colock and is ready for distribution. The user will request an "Activation Code" and one should be issued to the User through the Colock Control Panel or WebLock (online registration system). For more information about Colock and its capabilities you can download Colock and evaluate it by free:

download Colock now

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Colock Software Copy Protection Activation Window

Colock Software Copy Protection Control Panel

Activation Window

Colock Control Panel




What components does Colock contain? Colock contains 3 parts: 1) Colock Control Panel program which generates Activation Codes, Parameters Files, Changes user's license setting and .... 2) A programming library in DLL format (we can also produce other formats based on your request) which should be distributed with your final executable (or main application) file, that file includes the functions needed for checking lock, encryption and .... 3) Colock manual (or Help).

How is an Activation Code generated? when a user runs the program protected by Colock system for the first time, an Activation Window will be displayed to him/her, by using contact information located on that window, user contacts you and by announcing his/her User ID and Computer ID (located on Activation Form), requests a valid Activation Code. You by entering those information in Colock Control Panel program, generate a unique Activation Code for him/her.

What is User ID? That is a unique string by a length of 8 characters (like ABC45DF1) or a decimal number by a length of 10 characters which is assigned to each customer by you, the User ID's are generated by PishgamSoft company and are included in your Colock software package based your request number. You can assign a User ID to each package by printing them one by one or including one of them in each package parameter file.

What is Computer ID? That is a unique string by a length of 8 characters (like ABF78E10) or a decimal number by a length of 10 characters which is generated based on user's computer hardware and is displayed automatically on Activation Form, this ID is always permanent.

Is there any chance for evaluating Colock package before shopping it? Yes, now you can download a full functional package of Colock and evaluate its features and possibilities.

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Screen shots


Colock Control Panel
Colock Software Copy Protection Code Generator Page Colock Software Copy Protection Parameters File Colock Software Copy Protection User ID Page Colock Software Copy Protection Encryption Page Colock Software Copy Protection About Page
Code Generator Parameters File User ID's Encryptor/Decryptor About

Colock Library Functions

Colock Software Copy Protection Sample Activation Window In English

Colock Software Copy Protection Sample Activation Window In Farsi/Persian

Sample Activation Window (English)

Sample Activation Window (Spanish)

Sample Activation Window (Farsi)


Price List and How to order:



Ordering Colock is fast and easy. We collaborate with Avangate, a leader in online software purchasing, which offers you secure online transactions.
Payment methods:
You can use to buy our products following payment options:
• Visa credit/debit card
• MasterCard credit/debit card
• Diners Club credit/debit card
• American Express credit/debit card
• JCB credit/debit card
• Wire transfer
You will receive the License Key via email or immediately by using our online registration system.

To finish an order in the Avangate system, please fill in carefully all personal information asked for in the order form. A very important aspect is the e-mail address where you will receive all details about your order, together with future notifications from the merchant. At the end of the order process you have the possibility to print the invoice containing details about the transaction. So choose your desired Colock edition from the following price list and click on appropriate Buy Now link.
If you need more information please Contact us

Colock Price List (all prices in USD)

Package Name

Number of legal computers for installing Control Panel Number of User ID's included in Colock Package Price order


2 100 45 Buy Now


2 1000 98 Buy Now


3 5000 240 Buy Now

Note 1: Colock Package contains Colock Control Panel (desktop application version), Colock programming library and SDK, Colock help file and based on ordered package, there will be some unique and dedicated USER ID strings. Currently, there is no difference between Standard and Professional editions of Colock except in quantity of User ID's. Each User ID can be used for a specific customer or as a printed label on your software package.

Note 2: You will receive a download URL by email after your shopping is validated. For using Colock in full mode (without any nag screen and limitations), you will need an Activation Code. A valid Colock customer can easily register Colock by online registration system. Details are contained in included readme.txt.

Extra Options
Option Name Price Order
* Web Lock Service for 1 Year 110 USD Buy Now
* Phone Lock 115 USD Buy Now

* Web Lock: This is an optional part of Colock solution and lets you offer your customers online registration system. You will have an online control panel to manage the service and view users' registration status. Your users will not see any web page and everything is transparent to them. In fact, just a button will be added to Activation Form after enabling Web Lock service:

By Pressing the button, the following page will be displayed to the user:

When user presses Start button on that page, the Activation Code is fetched automatically from Pishgamsoft Web Lock server and Activation process finishes:

Buy Web Lock Service Now For One Year, Just 110 USD

* Phone Lock system in an optional part of Colock Control Panel program which automatically generates an Activation Code based on a user inputs through a phone call (like as answering machine).

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